AIRI Presidents

AIRI has been privileged to have had and continue to have strong leadership in fulfilling the mission of AIRI since our founding in 1962.

In the above left photo, AIRI Past Presidents got together along with AIRI Founder, Dr. Marcus Krupp, to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of AIRI in La Jolla, California in 2011. Pictured left-right, back row: Randy Main, Chip Morgan, Jane Sheehan, Esq, Ron Erickson, and Larry Keinath, CPA; bottom row: Mary Wooley, Ruth Poole, Marcus A. Krupp, MD and Kim E. Witmer.

In the above right photo, Dr. Krupp stopped by the AIRI Office to meet with David Issing, who has served as AIRI’s Executive Director since 2000. Issing reflected, “It was an extreme honor to have met the person who founded this unique and incomparable Association. Dr. Krupp was truly an innovator and a one of a kind. Thank you Dr. Krupp!”; Dr. Krupp passed away in 2014 at the age of 100.

Photos are unavailable prior to 1988.

AIRI Presidents 1962 - Present

  1. 1962-1967: Marcus A. Krupp, MD (Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute)
  2. 1968-1969: William L. Simpson, MD (Detroit Institute of Cancer Research)
  3. 1970-1971: Richard L. Pharo, MD (Retina Foundation)
  4. 1972-1973: Clayton S. White, MD (Lovelace Foundation)
  5. 1974-1975: Earl L. Green, MD (Jackson Laboratory)
  6. 1976-1977: Mahlon B. Hoagland, MD (Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology)
  7. 1978-1979: Lewis L. Coriell, MD (Institute for Medical Research)
  8. 1980-1981: Herbert Hauptman, MD (Medical Foundation of Buffalo)
  9. 1982-1983: John W. Hein, MD (Forsyth Dental Center)
  10. 1984-1985: Frederico Welsch, MD (Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology)
  11. 1986-1987: William G. Thurman, MD (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
  12. 1988-1989: John Pratt (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research)
  13. 1990-1991: Mary Woolley (Medical Research Institute of San Francisco)
  14. 1992-1993: Gilbert M. Schiff, MD (James N. Gamble Institute)
  15. 1994-1995: Kenneth P. Trevett, JD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)
  16. 1996-1997: David Beck, PhD (Coriell Institute for Medical Research)
  17. 1998-1999: Patricia Tanski (Buck Institute for Research on Aging)
  18. 2000-2001: Ruth Poole (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute)
  19. 2002-2003: Jane Sheehan, Esq. (Foundation for Blood Research)
  20. 2004-2005: Randy Main (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)</span>
  21. 2006-2007: Ronald J. Erickson (Neuropsychiatric Research Institute)</span>
  22. 2008-2009: Chip Morgan (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
  23. 2010-2011: Kim E. Witmer (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
  24. 2012-2013: Larry A. Keinath, CPA (The Wistar Institute)
  25. 2014-2015: Gregory M. L. Patterson, PhD (Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  26. 2016-2017: Cary E. Thomas (Scripps Research Institute)
  27. 2018-2019: Lari Russo, CPA (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)‚Äč
  28. 2020-2021: Tim Hassen, CPA (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
  29. 2022-2023: Jeri Bowers (MDI Biological Laboratory)