Pre-Registrants to Date

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  1. Byron Anderson (Serenic Software, Inc.)
  2. James Calaway (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  3. Arlene Chiu, PhD (City of Hope)
  4. Annette Coder (Seattle Institute for Biomedical & Clinical Research)
  5. Patty Conze, PHR, SHRM-CP (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  6. Lisa Correa (New York Genome Center)
  7. Mike Costigan (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc. (E&I))
  8. Donald Curristan (Executive Benefits Solutions)
  9. Melanie Davis (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  10. Tammara Dempsey (Health Resource Services - Intalere)
  11. Janine Doerner (Gladstone Institutes)
  12. Gayle Donica (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  13. Susan Dzierson (Gladstone Institutes)
  14. Anna Flahaven (Huron Consulting Group)
  15. Danielle Fleumer (Seattle Institute for Biomedical & Clinical Research)
  16. Tim Geary (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
  17. Stan Gloss (BioTeam Inc.)
  18. Austin Gwilliam (GRP Financial)
  19. Jude Harlan (Seattle Institute for Biomedical & Clinical Research)
  20. Marian Jakubiak, MPA (The Simons Foundation, Inc.)
  21. Kathy Kirchhoff (Cain Brothers & Company, LLC)
  22. Gary Kuyat (Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason)
  23. Trevor Lattin (Executive Benefits Solutions)
  24. Cara W. Lenz, CPA (M.L. Weekes & Co.)
  25. Jared Machado (Scripps Research Institute)
  26. Cheryl A. Moore (New York Genome Center)
  27. Will Murdoch (City of Hope)
  28. Michael Newhouse (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
  29. Greg Nisius (Cox Business)
  30. Christine O'Connell, MMSc (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  31. Ken Pasternak (Marshall Strategy Inc.)
  32. John Peck (Gladstone Institutes)
  33. Teal Pemberton (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  34. Laura Perin (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc. (E&I))
  35. Steve P. Rhines (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  36. Sarah Richardson (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  37. Anna-Marie Rooney (The Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
  38. John Stillwagen (The La Jolla Institute)
  39. Bethany Taylor (Gladstone Institutes)
  40. Cary E. Thomas, MBA, CMA (Scripps Research Institute)
  41. Jill Wallace (Noble Research Institute, LLC)
  42. Alex Weekes, CPA (M.L. Weekes & Co.)
  43. Gary Whitney (Huron Consulting Group)
  44. Jessica Witt (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
  45. Annie Wong (The Simons Foundation, Inc.)
  46. Judy Zimmerman (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)