Meet Your 2019 Annual Meeting Leadership Team

Meet Your 2019 Annual Meeting Leadership Team
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Many thanks to our leadership team for putting together AIRI's 58th Annual Meeting. Our AIRI members on the leadership team have volunteered their time and expertise in lining up another stellar set of revelant and "hot topic" sessions and events. The annual meeting "successfully happens" each year in large part of our volunteers.

  1. Jerilyn Mitchell Bowers, AIRI Board Secretary and Vendor Support Chair, Director of Development and Public Affairs, MDI Biological Laboratory
  2. David M. Cabrera, AIRI Board Director and Program Co-Chair, Chief of Staff, Office of the CSO, Van Andel Institute
  3. Anthony Carvalloza, IT Track Co-Leader, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rockefeller University
  4. Kimberly Castillo, CPA, Finance Track Co-Leader, Chief Financial Officer, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  5. Adam Cohen, AIRI Program Co-Chair, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  6. Michael Dollar, CPA, AIRI Treasurer, Vice President, Logistics, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
  7. Frank Dwyer, AIRI Board Director and Technology Consultant, Senior Director, Information Technology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  8. Tim Hassen, AIRI President-Elect, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  9. Gina Holl, Finance Track Co-Leader, Director, Grants and Contracts, Boyce Thomson Institute
  10. Christine Hughes, Development/PR Track Co-Leader, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Burke Neurological Institute
  11. David A. Issing, Executive Director, Association of Independent Research Institutes
  12. Michael Kenney, Finance Track Co-Leader, Senior Director, Research Administration, City of Hope
  13. Donald King, IT Track Co-Leader, Director of IT, Scripps Research
  14. John P. Munz, HR Track Co-Leader, Vice President of Human Resources, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  15. Libby O’Hare, PhD, AIRI Washington Office
  16. Jennifer Pawlosky, AIRI Program Co-Chair, Executive Director of Communications, Allen Institute
  17. Katie Raftery, HR Track Co-Leader, Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  18. Lari C. Russo, AIRI President, Chief Financial Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  19. Robin Snyder, PhD, Development/PR Track Co-Leader, Vice President, Communications, Buck Institute for Research on Aging