AIRI 2021 IT Summit Pre-Registered as of May 26, 2021

Here's who is registered for the AIRI 2021 IT Summit. If you have any questions, please contact David Issing at the AIRI Management Office.
  1. Brendan Arbuckle, Director of Research IT, The Jackson Laboratory
  2. Leslie Ann Ashing, Customer Success Manager, Streamlyne
  3. Andrew Banman, DevOps Engineer, Pacific Northwest Research Institute
  4. Andrew Box, Application Programmer, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  5. Aaron Callahan, Director, IT, Boyce Thompson Institute
  6. Melanie M. Davis, Director of Enterprise Systems & Informatics, Noble Research Institute, LLC
  7. Susan DeAngelo, Director of Procurement, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  8. Jean Desnoyers, IT Analyst, Scripps Research
  9. Justin Dukes, Director of Information Technology, Pacific Northwest Research Institute
  10. Charles Gagnon, Senior Director, IT, New York Genome Center
  11. Stuart Glenn, Asst Director of Infrastructure & Research Computing, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  12. Jeff Gurney, Chief Information Officer, Van Andel Institute
  13. Matt Harper, Assistant Director, Information Systems, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  14. Chad Harvey, Network & Storage Engineer, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  15. Terry Hawkins, Director, Primate Database, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  16. John Heaner, VP, Information Technology & CTO, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  17. Roger Hinojosa, Systems Administrator III, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  18. Jeff Holmes, Business Technology Manager, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  19. Anne Hungate, Head of Technology, RTI International
  20. Jason Jordan, Support Associate, Boyce Thompson Institute
  21. Brent Keck, Chief Information Officer, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  22. Stuart Kendrick, Systems Engineer, Allen Institute
  23. Arif Khan, Sr Account Executive, Amazon Web Services
  24. Donald King, Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, Scripps Research
  25. Patrick Klupa, Manager of Business Information Systems, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
  26. Brian Kopecki, IT Manager, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  27. Joel Lake, Operations Manager, Seattle Institute for Biomedical & Clinical Research
  28. Aenoch Lynn, Director of IT, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  29. Michael J. Marchesiello, Chief VP Procurement Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  30. Roy McMorran, Director of IT, MDI Biological Laboratory
  31. Blake Michael, Customer Service Manager, Noble Research Institute, LLC
  32. Jeremy Miller, Director of Marketing, LabArchives
  33. Matthew Mollure, Manager, Information Systems, Scripps Research
  34. Joie Nguyen, System Administrator, Boyce Thompson Institute
  35. John Palmisano, Chief of Business Solutions, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  36. Brad Pazoureck, SystemS Administrator, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  37. Scott Pegg, CIO & VP of Research Infrastructure, Gladstone Institutes
  38. Ron Pope, Sr Account Manager, Amazon Web Services
  39. Bart Rajchel, Director, IT, Kessler Foundation
  40. Scott Rouse, Program III, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  41. Banu Santebennur, Director of Clinical & Research Systems, Versiti Wisconsin, Inc.
  42. Michael Scarpelli, Senior Director, IT, The La Jolla Institute for Immunology
  43. Sandy Smith, Systems Administrator III, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  44. Cary E. Thomas, MBA, CMA, Consultant,
  45. Mark Treiber, Senior Project Manager, Morgridge Institute for Research
  46. Jeffrey Waldin, Product Manager, InfoEd Global
  47. Darren Wright, Application Programmer, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  48. John Wright, Clinical & Translational Research Arch Mgr, The Jackson Laboratory
  49. Yate-Ching Yuan, PhD, Director of Translational Bioinformatics, City of Hope